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Welcome to Worldwide Diamond Group, a trusted leader in investment-grade natural fancy colored diamonds. We offer exquisite quality, unparalleled industry expertise, and professional service to ensure your satisfaction.

Worldwide Diamond Group in Toronto

Providing exceptional investment grade diamonds and the finest jewelry pieces at the most competitive prices.

Founder & CEO

Meir Coffer

Meir Coffer, the owner of Worldwide Diamond Group is at the forefront of the Natural Fancy Colored Diamond trade. Customers from around the globe invest in his company’s extensive selection of FCD’s available in loose form and handcrafted jewelry. Renowned for his ability to source the rarest natural color diamonds for the best prices, Coffer’s clientele enjoy a strong, ongoing relationship with him where they can take advantage of his impressive knowledge of the industry and extensive global network.


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What we do

Whether your interest in diamonds stems from a desire for an excellent investment or for a beautiful stone to set in a prized piece of jewellery, we can help. We are passionate about sourcing rare, desirable jewels—particularly natural fancy colored diamonds—that continue to increase in value regardless of economic conditions, offering peace of mind for years to come.

Our experts have strong connections to the world’s best mines, cutters and polishers, allowing us to offer you a vast selection of exquisite natural fancy colored diamonds to choose from. With in-depth understanding of their value, we can help you select GIA-certified diamonds that make exceptional additions to your portfolio and simply look stunning on display.

In addition to sourcing superb natural fancy colored diamonds in a kaleidoscope of colors, we provide one-of-a-kind settings to showcase your jewels. We can also help you liquidate your investment with solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Worldwide Diamond Group serves investors and diamond lovers from around the globe. We look forward to connecting you with the beauty, luxury, and cumulative wealth of natural fancy colored diamonds. They truly are everyone’s best friend.

About our diamond experts


Worldwide Diamond Group’s highly qualified diamond experts are passionate about helping individuals and investors locate exquisite jewels that will increase in value. We have deep knowledge of the diamond industry and understand how natural fancy colored diamonds are valued, allowing us to deliver some of the finest investment-quality diamonds in the world to our clients.

Through our world-wide network, we will help you with each step of the process of sourcing your perfect natural color diamonds from sight holders, manufacturers, and private estates at unparalleled value. We can also arrange to showcase your diamonds in one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces of jewelry.

Strategically investing in rare natural fancy colored diamonds have and continue to offer solid returns. The best strategy is to obtain colored diamonds today at our most competitive prices and hold onto them for a minimum period of three to five years. Due to the closure of Australia’s Argyle Mine in 2020, which was the world’s biggest supplier of natural fancy colored diamonds, astute investors have a distinct advantage in a time of high demand and very little supply.