Color Diamond Liquidation

Worldwide Diamond Group develops tailored liquidation strategies for diamond investors. Our trading avenues can help you realize maximum returns when selling your investment.


Most global transactions of investment-grade diamonds are handled by the international auction houses, which include Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Bonham’s. With large databases of interested buyers, the ability to reach far into the marketplace, and a reputation for handling high-profile diamond sales on a global stage, international auction houses can be an excellent strategy for liquidation.

There are also smaller auctions that consider natural fancy colored diamonds of all sizes and quality. One of these, located in Toronto, set a record in Canada when a pink diamond was auctioned for $2.3 million.


Worldwide Diamond Group maintains a considerable client base of individuals and professional jewellers. If you are interested in liquidating your natural fancy colored diamonds, we would be happy to develop and execute a strategy tailored to your personal needs.