Commodities of Rarity

The future of natural fancy colored diamonds shimmers with possibility for the astute investor. These are the most sought after jewels, and there is nothing rarer nor of greater worth. Increasingly, demand is outstripping supply and the inevitable result is that their value continues to reach new heights.

Natural fancy colored diamonds are commodities of rarity. This means that the market condition of high demand to low supply is evolving toward a condition of high demand to no supply—a direct result of the rarity of these jewels in nature. Around the world, diamond production is diminishing. Even now, only one natural fancy colored diamond is produced for every 10,000 colorless diamonds. The future is bright.


The Diamond Investment Decade Starts Now

The value of natural fancy colored diamonds has continually risen because they are both extremely rare and highly desirable. Those who know and understand the industry predict that value will continue to rise for a number of reasons, the primary being limited supply. In fact, it is believed that this may be the last era in which people will be able to purchase natural fancy colored diamonds that have been newly mined. In the not distant future, the secondary market will be the only source for these precious jewels.

The Argyle Mine, which was the largest supplier of pink diamonds and the most productive diamond mine in the world, closed in 2020. As a result of this, there are no considerable sources of natural fancy colored diamonds coming into production in the foreseeable future.

It is important to note that the overall scarcity of natural fancy colored diamonds is compounded by the fact that not all jewels are of the highest quality. Diamonds with the most valuable hues—fancy intense and fancy vivid—are even rarer. Those that are larger than one carat, never mind five or ten, are even scarcer.

Coupled with the scarcity of these highly prized jewels is a growing demand. Throughout Russia, China, and India, there are millions of new consumers interested in luxury products, including natural fancy colored diamonds. Growing demand and dwindling supplies add up to an exciting investment opportunity for those who purchase natural fancy colored diamonds while they are still available.

Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. Preserve and grow your wealth with investment-grade natural fancy colored diamonds. We would be happy to show you some of the world’s most exquisite diamonds, offered at competitive prices.

DeBeers Graph Depicting FCD supply and demand in USD billions