Why Invest in Color Diamonds

Beautiful and rare, with enormous potential for appreciation, natural fancy colored diamonds are one of the most exciting investment opportunities available today.

Fancy colored diamonds are the most rapidly growing hard asset investment available. They are high-value and, over the last 35 years, wholesale prices have never gone down.

Additionally, fancy colored diamonds are much more valuable than their colorless counterparts, and they’re performing better than many conventional investments. From 2001 to present, growth in diamond value surpassed the Standard & Poors index. In 2011, colored diamonds saw double the return of gold. Price volatility in this market has been low, in part because there hasn’t been the amount of speculation as seen in other markets, namely oil and gold.

Due to a number of factors, natural fancy colored diamonds have become a sound investment for astute investors. They are desired globally and demand from both investors and consumers will continue to be higher than supply. As a hard asset, they have not been impacted by the problems with the global banking system; in fact, they have an established history of keeping and growing their value. Importantly, certification standards for these rare and increasingly scarce jewels are universal, and they provide a safe, simple, private way to protect wealth, as they are not subject to regulatory agencies.

With strong connections to the diamond industry’s key players, Worldwide Diamond Group has a reputation for sourcing natural fancy colored diamonds of superb quality and exceptional value.


Traditional forms of investment—commodities, real estate, the global stock market—are volatile. Portfolio diversification is critical today. Natural fancy colored diamonds are a secure asset that provide exceptional returns.

Hard assets like fancy colored diamonds are an excellent method of storing your wealth. Investing in these fine jewels provides a source of security when other investments are subject to volatile price changes.



There is no easier, simpler, and lighter way to transport your wealth than by investing in natural fancy colored diamonds. They are the most concentrated form of wealth found anywhere, allowing you to carry millions of dollars in an envelope. In addition, there is no need for security numbers or registration.

Transporting $10 million dollars in gold would require a truck. Invest that same amount in a natural fancy colored diamond and you can carry it in your pocket, wear it as jewellery, or keep it in your safety deposit box. Nothing could be more discreet. A final benefit is that you do not have to disclose ownership to government authorities.

Worldwide Diamond Group is a trusted source of investment-grade natural fancy colored diamonds at competitive prices. A full-service diamond house, we assist with everything from diamond selection and jewellery design to liquidating your investment.

Five-carat fancy yellow diamonds increased in value by 180% from 2001 to 2011, compare that to Berkshire Hathaway stock, which increased by 52% for that 10-year period and Coca Cola, which grew by 42.5% (Source: Forbes Magazine)